School is Fun! Come in time.

Erasmus plus KA2 - 2016

Applicant: Ahlat Ilce Milli Egitim – Turkey (Local Public body)


AHLAT KAYMAKAMLIGI – Turkey (Local Public body)

Ovakisla Ortaokulu– Turkey (Local Public body)

Cooperativa Sociale Arnera – Italy (Private body)

Colegio Jesús-María Fuensanta – Spain (School)


Gimnazjum nr 1im.Niepodleglosci Polski – Poland (School)


Project: School is fun!Come on time!


The project will be conducted by seven institutions which are from Turkey (Ahlat District National Education, Ahlat District Governship, Ovakışla Secondary School), Italy (NGO), Poland (School), Spain (School), Portugal (School).

The main objective of the project is to help to reduce early school leaving and help the students who have some disadvantages about agriculture or socio-economic reasons.Thanks to this project, we try to develop and support the education and training ways of educators and school policies about early school leaving. Also, we aim to collaborate with other countries that have the same problem or that have mostly overcome this problem. Participants will seek innovative solutions, learn about new techniques, procedures, implementations. During the implementation of the project, seminars, workshops and trainings will be carried out by the partner organisations collaboratively. Research , questionaires, discussions, exchanging good practices, training, seminars are some of the methodologies that will be used in this project. Different activities will be carried out in the project. These are "organizing notice board -Erasmus+ Corner-", designing a web page, preparing a brochure to introduce the project, creating a getting to know activity " My hometown" among organizations,  face to face meetings, creating video recording of the seminars and trainings, organizing dissemination seminars, applying questionnaires, creating a school newspaper, using local media (radio, TV programs, newspaper), recording short films about early school leaving, 0rganizing a slogan competition among students and exhibiting the posters, preparing a booklet about the project activities and results, improving an instructional programme about reducing early school leaving.

After the implementation of the project the following results will be expected:

-an observable decrease of the number of the students who drop school.

- an observable number of school droppers or potential droppers are expected to continue education.

- teachers, directors and the staff working in Ahlat District National Education and Ahlat District Governship will be more well-informed and aware of disadvantaged children and how they will overcome early school leaving.

-to contribute to reduce inequality of opportune among students.

-to strengthen school-parents relationship thanks to innovative techniques and methods about reducing early school leaving.

- students who are probable to drop school will change their minds about leaving school thanks to strong school-parents relationship.

- parents to be more conscious about education

-teachers and directors to be more creative, open-minded and innovative;

- teachers and directors and staff working to improve their language skills.

- to respect to each culture different nations.

-to have open-minded students and parents who have awareness of education

- to have social and cultural interaction with other countries.

- all participants to be aware of EU projects and Erasmus+ projects.

-to have language diversity thanks to different languages.

All the results published in paper and online versions will be examples of good practices after the end of the project.

The project has some impacts on "children" such as a considerable increase of continueing education, awareness of the importance of education, developing  European consciousness, personality development and raising self-esteem, gaining knowledge of the lives of children in other European countries, motivation for attending school, having knowledge of the negative effects of early school leaving for their future.The project has some impacts on "parents" such as raising consciousness about the importance of education, having strong relationship with school and teachers, encouraging and supporting the school attendance of the children, possibility of raising awareness of EU. The project has some impacts on " teachers, directors and other participationg organisations" such as gaining information about new techniques methods, practices and enforcements about school leaving, acquiring skills of overcoming of school droppers, improving professional profiles, having ability for working in small teams, gaining the willingness to help and support other teachers, acquiring skills of using communicative English, establishing long lasting relationships with the other partner countries, exchanging knowledge and experiences among partners, acculturation with European partners, raising awareness on EU projects, enhancing and enlarging the prestige of the institutions among the local  and national area.

The project results will be benefitted by:

- participating school teachers, directors, students, parents,

- stuff of Ahlat District National Education, Ahlat District Governship

-other European schools and instutions that want to utilise from the project results.



A1) Organizing notice board - "Erasmus+ Corner" - information about the countries, goals and objectives of the project.

A2) Design a web page about the activities of the project as open educational resource to share the ideas and to extend the scope of the project.

A3) Preparing a brochure to introduce the project and distributing the brochures to each organization.

A4) Creating a getting to know activity " My hometown" among organizations in the first meeting to know about each other’s culture and national values.

A5) Activities targeted at the development of innovative forms and methods of work - face to face meetings- sharing good practices and experience.

       *ES will make a presentation about politics that are implemented in their country, the activities that they have carried out in their school, and the contributions of local government to these activities.

        *PT will make a presentation about how to make parents more conscious and aware of early school leaving and how to school-parents relationship can be stronger.

         *PL will make a presentation about how to bring students in school and continue education and how to make the school more attractive for the students and the negative aspects of early school leaving for the students.

          *IT will carry out a training about how to give psychological support to the students who have dropped school and who have the potential of dropping the school.

          *TR will make a presentation about the successful projects implemented before that help the students to continue education and give information about the enforcements and practices that are implemented in Turkey to reduce early school leaving.

A6) Creating video recording of the seminars and training to use them in dissemination activities and post them on website to reach more people.

A7) Organizing dissemination seminars for local government stuff, directors, teachers, students and parents and inviting a guest from partner organization that has made a research about the seminar topic to give detailed information.

A8) Applying questionnaires that will be carried out at the beginning, during, and at the end of the project for evaluation.

A9) Creating a school newspaper for the local area about the project to raise the awareness of the reducing early school leaving and disseminate the project.

A10) Using local media (radio, TV programs, newspaper) to support the project and enlarge the scope of the project.

A11) Recording short film about "parents who are good examples" compiled and prepared by host organisation Portugal.

A12) Recording short videos (5-10 minutes) prepared by each school (ES, PL, PT, IT, TR) about theme "School is Fun, Come on Time!"

A13)Organizing a slogan competition among students and exhibiting the posters about these slogans to entertain and motivate children for education.

A14) Preparing a booklet about the project activities and results to enlighten the new projects and for the sustainability of the project.

A15) Improving an instructional programme about reducing early school leaving and including it to the general curriculum and using this instructional programme in the next academic years.